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Things to look out for when applying to Online Learning Platforms

The need for education cannot be overemphasized. Apart from the fact that you get to know more things as you continue to learn, the certifications you get would go a long way to furthering your career. In the past, learning required an individual to attend lectures or at the very least, write exams within the 4 walls of a school. With improvements in technology, that has changed. It is now possible for an individual to attend classes and write exams through online learning platforms. Thus, for those that are busy with work or during a period of lockdowns, instead of wasting away at home, an individual could opt for online courses. However, there are some things to look out for before applying to an online learning platform. Some of the things you should look out for are discussed subsequently.

Course outline

The first thing you want to look out for when you want to apply to an online learning platform is their course outline. First, you want to know if they are doing the courses that you are interested in. Secondly, you want to be sure that they would properly treat the course that you are interested in taking. For this purpose, you might want to look at their course outline to be sure that they would cover the parts of the course you are interested in. For instance, if you are interested in developing web apps and you apply for web development (probably you do not know web design initially), you should go through all their course outline to be sure that they would extensively treat both web design (frontend and backend) as well as web apps so that you do not get disappointed with the depth of knowledge you would get from the online learning platform.

Quality of Certificate

The quality of the certificate is also very important, especially if you hope to tender it in furtherance of your career or while looking for a job. For this reason, you would want to research about the online learning platform, the quality of their certificate as well as where such certificates can be accepted before proceeding. For this purpose, you can read reviews about online learning platforms to know about the quality of the certificate and where they are accepted before going ahead with the application.


Another thing you would want to check before applying for online learning. You should check to know about the cost of the program before going ahead. You should be sure that you would be able to complete the payment for the fees before you start. This is to avoid a case where you would start and then you would not be able to complete the payment especially when you are paying in installments. You should also check how tolerant they are about people that do not complete their payment within the set time. You should be sure that missing a payment will not result in a case where you would lose your progress in the course so far and have to start and pay afresh if you are still interested in the course.


In most cases, online learning platforms are mostly flexible. The platform is open 24 hours, you can always drop a mail if you have any issues and you would get a reply within 24 hours (in some cases only on working days), and you can fix your exam for any time. However, you should confirm that the platform offers such flexibility before starting. You do not want to assume, only to find out that their timing is conflicting with your other activities and you won’t be able to continue after starting or paying some money.

Perfect Choices for The Best Writing Options Now

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For the writing, try to be exhaustive, to give all the elements that can help the understanding of your subject and to advance your argumentation. If you are writing a university dissertation, you must be particularly rigorous and justify each statement with a bibliographic reference, especially in the theoretical part of your work.

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Consult your memory manager in parallel with these steps

No, the role of your memory director is not only to give you the green light for the subject and validate your memory once it is finalized.

  • Having a “referent” for the writing of this report, which conditions the obtaining of your diploma, allows you to be reassured vis-à-vis your progress. Do not associate the somewhat authoritarian image of “corrector” with your supervisor, but rather that of “accompanist”.
  • Many students who did not contact their thesis director throughout the research period find themselves anxious at the approach of rendering. Nothing more normal, because not only do they not know if their angle holds up, but the radio silence during long months is rarely appreciated by the teachers.
  • Unfortunately, it can also happen that the director of memory is too little available to the student. Complicated to avoid this kind of situation, especially if the professor in question is the only specialist in your subject.

But do not be alarmed either, there are students who managed to get a good rating despite the few appointments with their referent. In any case, if you are more of the type with a strong need for supervision, you can try to avoid this kind of situation by inquiring with former students of the class. They can then advise you and tell you which teacher is best suited to your method of work.

What are the mistakes not to make?

There are a number of mistakes that should not be made while writing your brief. Jean-Christophe Hauguel listed four.

You have to work on the form part, you have to have a rather professional rendering of the work.

It is very important to mention its sources when writing your memoir.

When you state an idea, remember to say where it came from. Give the name of the author and the name of the text. This will give much more weight and strength to your argument.

Copy and paste

We have anti-plagiarism software, if they don’t pay attention they will get caught and the brief will be null and void. And all schools and universities have such software.

So be careful not to copy and paste while writing your memoir. You can quote, but always put the sentences in quotation marks. Similarly, do not hesitate to rephrase certain citations by specifying the author so as not to be accused of copying and pasting.

Proofreading is an important part of writing your thesis. Unfortunately, many underestimate it. Spend time rereading your writings and also have them read by your family and friends before sending them to your teacher or printing them.

Neglecting form

On the formatting, the lines, the font, the pagination, the graphics, the quotes, a particular effort must be made.

If the content is important, its formatting is just as important. If you don’t make him want to read, your reader will quite faster. It is therefore important that the formatting is beautiful and neat: from the cover page to the line spacing, including the justification of the text and the caption of the images.

The Need for Writing Essays

Students are habitually asked to take essay exams in college and in some ways, the principles tend to be the same to write superb out of class essays and writing good in-class essays. For instance, both types of essays turn hugely successful if you consider your audience, information, and purpose. Nonetheless, there are a few differences that you have to keep in mind while preparing to write. Amongst many factors, the highly important one is your need for writing.

For instance, when students write a research paper, they wish to learn more related to their chosen topic though they write essay exams for demonstrating their knowledge. When you write, you not only convey information but prove to your audience that you have managed to master the information. So, it can be said that purpose remains both persuasive and informative and so, it becomes important for you to remain mindful about this purpose and it will aid you in preparing for writing the essay besides writing it.

The problems students confront

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Methods of Energizing and Motivating Students

Instructors may not always know with certainty why students are struggling but at the heart of most issues is a willingness to keep trying and work on continued self-development, even when it requires them to acquire new knowledge or skills. What instructors can do is to develop a set of proactive instructional strategies that are encouraging in nature and supportive of students’ attempts and progress.

The following some methods have been implemented in my own teaching practice and what I have helped to coach online faculty with through my work with faculty development.

Build Productive Relationships.

While this should go without saying for any class, whether it is a traditional or online class, relationships with students always matters. It can have a direct impact on their ability to feel comfortable asking for assistance when needed and that can alert the instructor to potential problems. But developing this type of relationship in a virtual environment isn’t easy and a class that lasts only a few weeks can make it even more difficult.

How a relationship begins is with the attitude an instructor holds and it continues with an ongoing intent to be helpful and approachable. Students must know that their instructors care about them.

Carefully Manage Your Communication.

All forms of communication that instructors have with their students matter and must be cultivated with care that the intent of message is clearly made and the tone is not likely to be perceived in a negative manner.

When responding to a student, whether by email or a post in the classroom, it should not be done hastily or when an emotional reaction is felt. The reason why this is so important is that a negative interaction can be de-motivating to a student and a series of these types of interactions can cause a student to disengage from the class.

Be Present, Available, and Accessible. 

If students are to stay engaged in the class and perform to the very best of their abilities they need to know that their instructor is readily available to assist them whenever they need help. This doesn’t mean an instructor has to be on call at all times or answer questions as soon as they are posted; however, there needs to be an established pattern that students can rely upon.

I’ve found it helpful to have multiple methods of contact that includes email, instant messaging, weekly office hours, sharing my phone number for times when students need immediate assistance, and posting a questions thread in the classroom. This allows me to develop connections with students and it can be very motivating for them to know I am accessible.

Help Make Certain that Students are Adequately Prepared.

 I’ve found that academic under-preparedness can be extremely detrimental to the mindset that new students hold as they attempt to navigate the course and the requirements they are expected to complete. Even as established students make progress through their degree program they may still struggle with areas of development that can create a mental barrier and ultimately lead to a sense of defeat if they do not receive assistance.

What I’ve done is to share resources that address students’ specific developmental needs in the feedback provided and if I find sources that may benefit the entire class, I’ll share it in a separate classroom post. I’ve found that the more students feel equipped to complete their tasks, the more confident they will be as they make an attempt to do so.

Develop and Use Proactive Outreach Strategies.

It is imperative that an instructor always be aware of the classroom conditions and more importantly that they are aware of students who are not actively involved and present in class. It may be helpful to establish a mental baseline for expected performance and over time an experienced instructor develops an instinct for student engagement.

A discussion thread is one way to gauge if students are disengaging from the class. When I discover a student who isn’t posting messages or they are continuing to struggle with their written assignments, I’ll make outreach attempts. First I’ll send an email and try to engage them and if that isn’t successful I’ll make a phone call so that the student doesn’t completely disengage from class. I’ve learned that a personalized approach will go a long ways towards helping students sustain their self-motivation.

Benefits of eLearning for Students

Technology and education are a great combination if used together with a right reason and vision.

Online Learning Accommodates Everyone’s Needs

This digital revolution has led to remarkable changes in how the content is accessed, consumed, discussed, and shared. Online educational courses can be taken up by office goers and housewives too, at the time that suits them. Depending on their availability and comfort, many people choose to learn at weekends or evenings. The online method of learning is best suited for everyone.

Lectures Can Be Taken Many Times

One can access the study program an unlimited number of times, unlike classroom teaching, with online learning. This can be very helpful at the time of revision while preparing for an exam.

Offers Updated Content

One of the prime benefits of online learning is that it assures you that your content are up to date and based on the latest industry trends.

Quick Delivery Of Lessons

eLearning is an approach to provide quick delivery of lessons. In comparison with traditional classroom teaching techniques, this mode has generally snappy conveyance cycles. This shows the time required to learn is decreased to 25%-60% of what is required in conventional learning.

There are some of the reasons why the learning time is reduced by eLearning:

  • Lessons begin rapidly and furthermore wrapped up in a solitary learning session. This empowers preparing projects to effortlessly take off inside half a month, or at some point even days.
  • Learners can characterize their own particular speed of learning as opposed to following the speed of the entire group.
  • Saves time as a student does not need to travel to the training venue. You can learn at the solace of your own place.
  • Students can contemplate particular and significant areas of the learning material without concentrating on every single topic. For instance, they can skirt certain topics they would prefer not to learn.


eLearning helps in making and imparting new concepts, ideas, and thoughts. Regardless of whether it is for formal education or entertainment, eLearning is a speedy method for learning!


eLearning empowers instructors to get a higher level of scope to impart the message reliably for their intended target group. This guarantees all students get a similar kind of preparing with this learning mode.

Reduced Costs

eLearning is cost effective when compared to traditional types of learning. The purpose behind this cost reduction is on account of learning through this mode happens rapidly and effortlessly. A considerable measure of training time is minimized concerning instructors, travel, course materials, and settlement.

About Distance Education

The most prominent benefit of distance education is the convenience it offers. The busy individual, as well as the one who prefers comfort, is well catered for here. Classes can be attended anywhere and at any time. This aspect effectively eliminates much of the stuff that makes education unsustainably costly.

Closely related to convenience is the flexibility that distance education offers. Conventional education has a specific location and time demands. Distance learning eliminates these requirements and allows a student to set a pace that suits them. Slow learners and the linguistically challenged (for instance ESL speakers) can, therefore, move at their pace and grasp as much as they can.

The cost factor also comes in quite strongly as a benefit of distance education. Many students miss study abroad chances because they cannot afford travel and accommodation costs. In Europe especially Spain has some world’s best universities that offer many scholarships. Like University of Barcelona, Autonomous University of Madrid, Complutense University of Madrid, Pompeu Fabra University, etc. Thanks to distance learning, such costs are no longer an impediment. It also cuts tuition costs by a sizeable margin, making it affordable.

On the cons side, the most prominent factor is the lack of direct contact with instructors and peers. Even with online forums, this problem remains unsolved. The lack of direct contact eliminates question and answer sessions, which are sometimes highly insightful. This aspect makes it suitable only for those who are self-driven.

Another con is that since students conduct their studies wherever they choose, they miss the ambiance provided by the campus atmosphere. Campuses are typically designed to maximize learning and as such, those who study off-campus miss out on this benefit.

On top of these challenges, distance education still suffers stigmatization despite its growing popularity. Employers often question the integrity of distance learning. Consequently, those who go through these programs may find the job market quite hostile towards them.

In conclusion, a close look at both the pros and cons of distance education as discussed shows that they are genuine. As such, to draw the full benefits of this approach to education, adjustments need to be made to address the concerns that surround it.

Online Education Transcends Success

Online institute no doubt offer much of freedom and flexibility. Most students enrolling for accredited online degree program courses are working full-time and doing well in their jobs. They need a source of income to run their family’s expenses and quitting jobs mean inviting financial problems. So, in order to upgrade their educational qualifications along with a job, distance learning courses are the preferred choice.

In online classes and course, students study about the business world via technical characteristics of an internet. The online classes and courses are accomplished on the internet in several different methods. The seminars and lectures can be brought on the internet and there are several of options for downloading and file uploading, forums, web chatting and video streaming. The students enroll in online degree program will be capable to reach the syllabus on the internet and normally there will be standard sessions with the other students and teachers. Just like the other course, classes are focused to the similar great standards while the homework is all the times present.

Distance learning is available for a wide spectrum of courses. And these courses have been steadily getting the popularity in the past few years due to the many different advantages which the students can get from them. And the very first advantage is a convenience thing. Persons don’t have to go away their residences to take the classes. So that is why they can save their lots of money and time. Furthermore, it is perfect for those online students who have to manage academic, professional and family responsibilities. Another added benefit is that students have access to learning anywhere and at any time with no limitations and restrictions time and location of study. It gives students ample time to spend with their family and work. Also, distance online education saves the time and cost incurred in traveling.

Online Tutoring

Today, Education is an engine of the train on the path of a successful track. It often involves many unsuccessful attempts and there is no failure till you have a correct solution for it. It requires a period for sorting the problems and options such as tutoring towards success. A student can have and refer to many sources that often demonstrate the best way towards educations highest peak.

The tutors are always available for making a child excel in their work with appropriate efforts and attempts overcoming ever issue in their study.

An ideal tutor is the one who provides three E’s:

  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Encouragement,

Not only providing relevant answers but assists totally in problem solving, to get the most effective and appropriate answers. A Student goes through primary and higher level in an education system during their schools and college life. Starting from the primary level a student gets the teaching from both his parents and teachers as well. But a tutor is the one who makes a foundation for the particular subject which delivers the best in the future. And the tutoring services provide by many tutors in various locations help the students get full guidance for the subjects till the depth. Tutoring services help to support and encourage the academic, professional and social growth of a child and youth, still learning to stand out.

Students require a calm and good environment to have apprehended on the subject matter thus they can understand to their best which can only be provided by the tutors offering private tutoring. The tutor lessens the burden of students by reducing their distance factor to reach their tutors at various institutes or other locations, they also provide and make the atmosphere fun for students to understand and study.

Strategies to Keep Students Engaged in Class

Defining the Concept of Student Engagement

When educators define the nature of student engagement it is usually done from a tangible (what is seen) perspective and this can be a subjective assessment. For example, if a student is posting participation online messages most every day of the week you might say they are highly engaged. The question is how active does a student have to be to meet these criteria? If they are posting messages on five days is that the same level of engagement as a student who is posting on six days? As a general guideline it can be assessed by how invested students appear to be in their class. This includes their involvement in discussions, asking questions, submitting assignments on time, and how responsive they are to other students and their instructor. If a student is going to be considered highly engaged in class, an instructor needs to observe several visual cues.

Why Does Student Engagement Matter?

Engagement matters because it indicates that students are involved in the class. When students are fully engaged, a distance education class begins to feel like a community. If students are not actively involved in their class, especially an online class, they can easily disengage, lose interest, and eventually withdraw. If the instructor doesn’t intervene, these students may drop the course and a continual pattern like this may also lead to disengagement from their degree program. Visual cues are important then because they are indicators of how involved students are in the process of learning. These cues include qualities such as their level of effort, along with their responsiveness to feedback, communication, and coaching.

Discover How to Measure Student Engagement

When visual cues are interpreted it is often done in a subjective manner, looking at more than a student’s tangible work product or written papers. The purpose of measuring engagement in the class is to raise an educator’s conscious awareness of students and keep track of their involvement. It is easy to become so busy managing class operations and discussions that students who are not present end up being overlooked when they are not actively present. For those instructors who are detail minded they can create a spreadsheet and track the progress of their students. Some learning management systems provide analytics that allow an instructor to check on the progress of students in the course. The purpose of doing this is to pay attention to your students and how they are progressing.

Always Be Engaged in Your Class

For instructors, being highly engaged in an online class requires proactive effort and involvement. It is possible to catch struggling students before they are disengaged; however, it can be challenging because keeping track of students does take time. If you are allocating only enough time to complete the required facilitation tasks, you may find that isn’t adequate for taking time to contact students and conduct outreach.

One of the first steps you can take is to develop a standard of acceptable engagement for an average student. By developing this standard, you can observe patterns and reach out to your students as needed. Overall, it is necessary to establish a plan for conscious awareness of your students if you want to keep them involved. Student engagement in an online class is related to their involvement in the learning process, their retention in a degree program, and it is a contributing factor to their overall success.

As an instructor, you have a direct impact on how your students perform. Take the lead, show them how to be highly engaged, and demonstrate that you care when they are starting to disengage. It may take more of your time, but teaching and nurturing the development of your students will require time and effort on your part. While you may not see the immediate outcome of your efforts, if a student remains engaged in the course, you will have had a direct impact on their lifelong learning experience and this is likely why you became an educator to begin with – to make a positive contribution towards the academic growth and development of your students.

Learning Spoken English With Online Platforms

In easy words, English e-learning programs cater greater comfort to the learners as they can develop English-speaking ability even sitting on the couch at home. Due to the convenience offered by online English-speaking training, a large number of people from different parts of the world prefer it rather than traditional or physical English language class. By enrolling himself/herself in an e-learning platform, one can get valuable guidance and instructions on different aspects of English communication skills. Moreover, a learner would also get a chance to have a conversation with other learners from diverse countries.

A learner who desires to go through an online English training module, needs to have proper equipments to set up a virtual class at their home or office. The essential equipments to set up a virtual class at home are, a properly working computer or laptop along with efficiently working speakers and hassle free internet access. Moreover, a quality microphone is also required that you can also raise queries to the instructors and can join voice chat with classmates. If you have all these tools at home, then you can simply set up a virtual classroom at home.

As different types of learners have their special learning requirements, numerous e-learning platforms come with an array of English training programs. Therefore, an aspirant need to choose the most appropriate training course for himself/herself. During the classes, a candidate would get to learn significant topics of the English language, such as grammar, sentence construction along with vocabulary & word power. Also, an aspirant would get a chance to learn English with a native English Speaker, and this is quite beneficial for novices as they would get to communicate with an individual who speaks precisely in English. Thus, he/she would recognize the proper speed, pitch and pronunciation of the English language.

Additionally, a learner will also come across test series and quizzes, which are significant ways to improve English understanding and to practice the lesson learned through online classes. Due to the flexibility and comfort offered by an online English learning programs, one can be an expert and fluent in conversational English, even with doing his/her job or studies with full dedication.