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For the writing, try to be exhaustive, to give all the elements that can help the understanding of your subject and to advance your argumentation. If you are writing a university dissertation, you must be particularly rigorous and justify each statement with a bibliographic reference, especially in the theoretical part of your work.

Try to make short sentences to give more force to your words. Feel free to put footnotes if you need to make a precision that does not appear in the body of your text. With the myadmissionsessay review you can actually come up with the best writings.

Consult your memory manager in parallel with these steps

No, the role of your memory director is not only to give you the green light for the subject and validate your memory once it is finalized.

  • Having a “referent” for the writing of this report, which conditions the obtaining of your diploma, allows you to be reassured vis-à-vis your progress. Do not associate the somewhat authoritarian image of “corrector” with your supervisor, but rather that of “accompanist”.
  • Many students who did not contact their thesis director throughout the research period find themselves anxious at the approach of rendering. Nothing more normal, because not only do they not know if their angle holds up, but the radio silence during long months is rarely appreciated by the teachers.
  • Unfortunately, it can also happen that the director of memory is too little available to the student. Complicated to avoid this kind of situation, especially if the professor in question is the only specialist in your subject.

But do not be alarmed either, there are students who managed to get a good rating despite the few appointments with their referent. In any case, if you are more of the type with a strong need for supervision, you can try to avoid this kind of situation by inquiring with former students of the class. They can then advise you and tell you which teacher is best suited to your method of work.

What are the mistakes not to make?

There are a number of mistakes that should not be made while writing your brief. Jean-Christophe Hauguel listed four.

You have to work on the form part, you have to have a rather professional rendering of the work.

It is very important to mention its sources when writing your memoir.

When you state an idea, remember to say where it came from. Give the name of the author and the name of the text. This will give much more weight and strength to your argument.

Copy and paste

We have anti-plagiarism software, if they don’t pay attention they will get caught and the brief will be null and void. And all schools and universities have such software.

So be careful not to copy and paste while writing your memoir. You can quote, but always put the sentences in quotation marks. Similarly, do not hesitate to rephrase certain citations by specifying the author so as not to be accused of copying and pasting.

Proofreading is an important part of writing your thesis. Unfortunately, many underestimate it. Spend time rereading your writings and also have them read by your family and friends before sending them to your teacher or printing them.

Neglecting form

On the formatting, the lines, the font, the pagination, the graphics, the quotes, a particular effort must be made.

If the content is important, its formatting is just as important. If you don’t make him want to read, your reader will quite faster. It is therefore important that the formatting is beautiful and neat: from the cover page to the line spacing, including the justification of the text and the caption of the images.